How to use Intermittent Fasting to LOSE 25 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs or more WITHOUT you being hungry, hangry, or hostile!

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As SOON as I switched my eating routine to adding in INTERMITTENT FASTING, extra pounds started to melt away. And I felt GREAT!

I’ve talked about it on my YouTube channel and in my emails before…

And every time I do, I get LOADS of questions.  Things like…

“How does this work? What’s the science behind it?” “But don’t you get hungry?” “What about when I go out to eat with friends? Or it’s dinner time with my family?”

That’s why I’m THRILLED to announce my upcoming online workshop where I’ll answer all these questions (and MUCH more)…

PLUS—it’s 100% free!

I’m calling the workshop “How to use Intermittent Fasting to lose 25 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs or more WITHOUT you being hungry, hangry, or hostile”…

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The software I’m using to host this workshop only allows 500 participants at a time.

And with over 60,000+ women in my community, these spots will fill up quickly.

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Free Keto Meal Plan

Free keto meal plan for keto dinner ideas & easy keto recipes. Get keto diet results from using free weekly keto meal plan! I use all of these ketogenic diet recipes with my family to make weight loss easier. Having a weekly keto diet meal plan helps me keep things SIMPLE! This is after all…Royal weight loss meeting real life!


Keto Diet Menu – Weekly Keto Lunch & Dinner Ideas

Need a weekly keto diet menu each day? I can happily give you my personal, family used weekly keto lunch ideas & keto dinner ideas….wait for it…. FOR FREE! My gift to the Countess Of Low Carb community.

Keto Diet Menu
Keto Diet Menu – Weekly Keto Meal Plan

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