Read what awesome Keto finds I picked up on my Costco haul! While you’re here, check out my FREE Keto Diet Costco Shopping List to make some cheap Keto meals!

keto shopping costco haul for keto diet

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Costco Haul Keto Meats & Proteins

-Tapas with Salami, Pepperoni, and Prosciutto

-Fresh Wild Haddock

-NY Strip Steaks

-Organic Chicken Breasts

-Lobster tails


-Organic Cage-Free Eggs

I love to buy meat in bulk from Costco! It helps keep Keto meals low-cost, and you can freeze most meats to extend their useful life! I like to store mine in glass containers or Ziploc bags and pull them out as needed. For One Meal a Day Keto, these Coscto strip steaks are a super satisfying meal. Check out the Buffalo Chicken recipe I made with my chicken breasts HERE!

keto shopping costco haul for keto diet

Costco Haul Keto Organic Fruits & Veggies

-Romaine Lettuce

-Avocado Mash

-Baby Bella Mushrooms



Eating a healthy Keto diet tends to require a lot of produce, so stocking up at Costco is a great option to help save money. Romaine lettuce is perfect for making salads or lettuce wraps for an easy Keto lunch. My family loves the cups of Avocado Mash, because they eliminate prep time and are perfect for on the go. They also last a lot longer than whole avocados. Check out the air fryer recipe I make with mushrooms HERE!

I like to grab some fresh fruit on my Keto shopping trips to help my avoid sugars and creepy carbs, and it’s a great alternative to candy or junk food for any Keto kids! Just be sure that you buy low carb produce that is Keto compliant!

For How to Wash Pesticides Off of Produce, click HERE!

Watch my Costco Haul video for more Keto Costco finds!

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