Free Keto Diet Plan

Free keto diet plan to eat for keto lunches and keto dinners! My free keto meal plan will make your life easier for weight loss through the ketogenic diet.

One bonus this week is upcoming Amazon Prime Day. I found a 50% OFF Instant Pot for the presale if you need some additional keto meal prep help.

Free Keto Diet Meal Plan

Weekly Free Keto Diet Plan:

Time Hack: Make double the recipe for your keto dinner the next day. Or make triple and freeze one batch. Keep your keto meal prep simple for weight loss so you can invest that time into better weight loss activities.

Weight Loss Hack: Always have 2 cups of spinach or romaine lettuce with your meal for 1 net carb and to fill up. Spinach has more potassium than a banana so you are helping your electrolytes!

Know Your Macros: Know how much fat and protein you can have in a day. Are you eating too much? Check your personal macros HERE.


Deviled Eggs

Recipe HERE

I have been LOVING Pique Tea during my intermittent fasting windows. The Ginger & also Matcha is my fav. Here’s 20% OFF link.


Keto Sausage Bites

Recipe HERE


Lobster Tail With Butter


Chicken Kabobs

Recipe HERE


Fried Pork Chops in egg wash + Pork Panko Crumbs


Bacon cheeseburgers. I love Five Guys 😀 …extra pickles please!


Go out to dinner at Chipotle. Order THIS.

Weight Loss Hacks

Hack #1: Many of y’all have asked about weaving intermittent fasting in with the ketogenic diet. YES! I highly recommend building to at 16/8 intermittent fast with your keto meal plan for maximum weight loss.

Hack #2: Make double recipes for leftovers. Period. End of Story. You can thank me later with the extra time you have.

Hack #3: Get a neighbor to cook with you and swap one keto meal a week. I bet you have a friend you could do this with. It would save you a full day of cooking dinner!

Hack #4: Purchase groceries once a week or every other week to save time. Do not make multiple trips each week to the grocery store. You will buy extra things you don’t need and tempt yourself. Get Amazon Fresh Delivery Free Trial HERE.

Watch My Day In The Life Keto & Fasting Video:

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