Guess where most keto protein bars have ended up? In the garbage! Until a few weeks ago, I had sworn off keto protein bars. That is until I met Atlas Protein Bar.

Honest Review Of Atlas Protein Bar

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This blog post is sponsored by Atlas Protein Bar. As with all sponsored posts, I do have an integrity clause for any brand I work with.

I wanted to give an honest review of Atlas Protein Bar.

1. Keto Protein Bar Ingredients

I am blown away with the grass-fed whey, monk fruit, Adaptogens….and…drum roll that there is Pink Himalayan Salt included!

If Pink Himalayan Salt is included, I knew that this brand put forth effort in ingredient selection.

2. Environmentally Sustainable

The grass-fed cows help rejuvenate the soil and are free from hormones. This made my heart sing to know that the pasture raised cattle help promote ecosystem regeneration.

3. Amazon Reviews

Anyone else like me and peek at Amazon reviews? Atlas Protein Bar scores higher than brands like Quest, ONE, RxBars and other companies as of May 2019 comparison.

4. Taste

Many protein bars I’ve had have had a gross taste. It is evident that the taste of Atlas Protein Bar is superior due to higher ingredients.

5. Convenience

As a busy wife, mama and businesswoman, I like quick keto meals. I can pop my Atlas bar in my Vuitton and go for convenience!

If you are interested in trying my keto protein bar recommendation, Atlas Protein Bar is running a $5 + Free Shipping promotion for 3 keto protein bars! Just use code: COUNTESS

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