Water Sale – RUN!

CVS is having an awesome sale on water! The deal ends on Sat, Jan 6th so RUNNNNNNN! 

We stockpile our water for emergency preparedness & having bottles on hand makes it easily through in the car on commutes. I know, I know, having a water glass is better, but this mama to a 2 year old can’t keep up with dishes sometimes, ok?

Deal Break Down:

Buy $15 of CVS products, get $5 Extrabucks Rewards, essentially making the purchase $10 for $15 worth of products.

✔️Buy 6 cases of water for $2.49 x 6 = $14.94. You are just shy of spending $15, so buy 1 sparkling CVS water for $0.99.

✔️Purchase is $15.93. If you subtract the $5 Extrabucks Rewards you get after your purchase, it’s basically $10.93 for 6 cases of water or $1.83 per case.

That’s $0.08 per bottled water!  RUNNNNNN sisters before deal passes!


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Goals for 2018

I love goal setting! This time of year brings me such joy thinking about my intentions for next year personally, with my family and my businesses.  It helps me get super clear of new habits that are/are not working in my life, ways to be a better person and HOW to do it.

 My honey and I started goal setting over a decade ago in a small red notebook. We listed my intentions that year and for our upcoming dreams in the next 5 years. Never in a million years would I think they would all come true!  Some of our goals came quickly and some took years, but it enabled my first company, Doodlebug Dog Walker, to be one of the top 1% in pet care with 60-80 team members and caring for thousands of pets!  I digress.  This blog is about keto, low carb and losing weight and not my other businesses…but do you see the power in goal setting?

Along the way of my goals, I consistently put my businesses and family goals before my personal health.  2017 showed me my health and caring for my body is so important.  After losing 50 lbs in 2017, I’m going to do a repeat of losing another 50-75 lbs in 2018! 

Here are my goals:


  • Lose 50-75 lbs through weekly keto meal plans, meal prep and eating keto.
  • Move my body 6 days a week through dog walks, organization workouts, boxing, gym time and weight lifting.
  • Increase spiritual time with morning devotions and see spiritual/life friends 3 times per week at church and outings.
  • Have date day/night once a week with my honey to connect in his love language and my love language.
  • Focus in on reading time with our son each day and being fully present in my time with my son.
  • Be intentional in rest and having quiet time….slow down sister!
  • Go to the beach 2-3 weeks in 2018.


  • Contribute $___ to our son’s college fund and start a savings account for his elementary school fund.
  • Grow our ___ account to ____.
  • Continue to utilize and research further tax codes with CPA’s help for businesses.
  • Donate $___ to our favorite charities (WAAAG & Homeward Trails Animal Rescue) and be present for God wink opportunities.


What are your goals for personal and financial?  What are you most looking forward to?

I would love to connect!

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Keto Day 1 –

What does the first day of keto look like?  Here’s my Day 1 Of Keto! Real life happens and see how I punt to Plan B while still staying on the ketogenic diet.  I’m using the food plan from:   https://momsketokitchen.com/21-day-keto

Being a busy mom, it can be a challenge juggling the challenges! Having a plan has made life so much easier when life’s curve-balls come.

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45 Pound Weight Loss Lesson Learned


Excess is my most recent lesson learned from my 45 pound weight loss journey. What do I have that is excess in my life? As more weight comes off, what else is in excess in my life? No longer serving its purpose? What else in my life is in an imbalance of excess? The more I release weight, the more I see other areas of excess.

Also, I’m so excited about the 21 Day Keto Challenge. Would love for you to join me. http://www.momsketokitchen.com/21-day-keto

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