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Weekly Free Printable Keto Meal Plan: 

Keto Lunches:

-Make extra from dinner and use for your keto lunches.



If you need extra food or are hungry, try:

-Coffee/Tea + 1 tablespoon of fat (grassfed butter, butter, coconut oil or ghee)

-1 cup of Cucumbers + 1 teaspoon of olive oil

-2 ounces of cheese (try to not have more than 2-3 ounces of dairy a day for potential weight loss stalls)

-Check your macros


This week’s video for the weekly keto meal plan:


This week increase fasting time by 3-8 hours more!

Try to get to 18 hour fast

Try to get to 20 hour fast

Try to get to  !

Try to get to 30 hour fast


Printables For Tracking Fast:

Tracking 24 hour fast

Tracking 48 hour fast


Want the Countess Magnet Keto Meal Planning System?

8 comments on “Free Printable Keto Meal Plan”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I have just discovered your channel about a week or so ago and I’m loving it! I fell off the keto wagon about 6 months ago and finally decided it’s time to get back on since the pants are getting tight!!

    I love watching your videos for your ideas on shopping and meal planning, but most of all your enthusiasm you show. I look forward to all your upcoming videos.

    I would love to get the Wednesday weekly email for the meal plan.


  2. Just started keto I’ve been watching your videos and you’ll been a lot of help But I still need to know so good that I could eat That’s still in keto diet

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