Ketogenic diet menu for the week! Easy keto meals to help you lose weight and cook for your family – keto style!

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New to Keto? I beg of you to get your keto macros (your fat grams, your protein gram and 20 carbs) figured out FIRST. You probably will have a weight stall if you don’t know your keto macros.

Get your FREE keto macros HERE. This will tell you how much to eat each day for fat grams, protein grams and 20 carbs to eat keto properly. Keto is high fat, moderate protein and low carb foods.

Ketogenic Diet Menu

Keto Meal Hack = Make your dinner, but make an extra portion for your keto lunch the next day. Save time and save money! Make it once, eat it twice.


Cali’flour Foods Keto Pizza w/ 2 cups of spinach w/ olive oil & apple cider vinegar dressing.

I do also like Primal Ranch as a keto salad dressing option.

The keto frozen Cali’flour pizza is a great option when I don’t want to cook. 😉

Carb count = 8 carbs for half the pizza. See full ingredients in photo below.

Have half the cauliflour pizza for 8 carbs + eat a salad for 3 carbs = keto winning!


NY Strip Steak with cauliflower casserole.

Cauliflower casserole RECIPE HERE

Keto Dessert

Keto Brownies HERE

Keto Brownies HERE


Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger in a lettuce wrap with mayo & pickles

The Carb Count = 5 carbs


Steamed Shrimp with butter & 1 cup of cucumber in apple cider vinegar with olive oil & sea salt.


Keto Gingerbread Men with bacon side


Keto Lasagna = Use Palmini Noodles

Use Palmini Noodles, low carb tomato sauce (I love Aldi’s $0.30 tomato sauce cans!) with ground beef, cheese & ricotta.


Grilled Fish with 2 cups of Caesar salad

I like Primal Caesar dressing

Grilled Fish RECIPE HERE

Need some keto snacks ideas?

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