Work With Me:

Many people suffer quietly when dealing with weight issues. They don’t ask for help and try to figure out their weight gain alone.

My story was different. I was tired of quietly and silently suffering with my  100+ pounds that I needed to lose. I needed further encouragement and accountability on my weight loss journey. This extra love and support encouraged me to take my weight loss to the next level and helped me lose 66 pounds!

My personal journey of losing 83 pounds on keto and intermittent fasting sparked one-on-one encouragement calls.

I support, love and help clients create long term, sustainable solutions for weight loss.

…for 83 Pound Weight Loss.. .

One Time, 30 Minute Encouragement Call

Have a question or questions that can be addressed in a 30 minute phone call? One, 30 minute encouragement call for $67 for weight loss accountability, celebration and solutions via conference call.

All encouragement call attendees will have access to keto meal plans ecourse portal and How To Start Keto Diet Easily ecourse portal for downloadable materials for 90 days.

I take client time seriously so I do have a 72 hour cancellation policy and no refund policy for encouragement calls.

Email for availabilities and application questions.

12 Week Encouragement Weight Loss Package For 90 Day Sprint:

I see the best results when clients commit to at least three months of encouragement together. The 90 day sprint gives enough time to see repeated patterns and challenges that pop up… and then solve those patterns and challenges! Shorter than 90 days, clients won’t see the fruits of their labor and sustainable, long last results.

On our first 60 minute call, we will set goals together, agree on goals and have suggestions of how you will obtain those goals.

Three results happen with three months together:
1) You feel better.
2) You are more in control of what you eat.
3) You lose inches on a consistent basis when you follow our agreed on goals and suggestions given of how to obtain those goals.

*ONE 60 minute BREAKTHROUGH call to set goals together, agree on goals and create solutions to achieve those goals.

*Eleven, 30 minute calls every week for encouragement, accountability, celebration & solutions.

*One of our calls is devoted entirely to food plan review and ensuring you are not having creepy carb & hidden sugars for weight stalls.

*Another call is devoted entirely to your weight loss sabotage triggers…and then solutions.

*Included is 72 hour email response for individual questions on business days.

12 weeks of working together hand-in-hand for weight loss encouragement is only $897.

Most won’t commit and will be going around the same mountain 5 years from now. Will you decide today is enough to start your weight loss journey?

Schedule your first session and then we will schedule your 12 weeks together.

You will receive an email questionnaire and release forms after payment has been remitted.

I take client time seriously so I do have a 72 hour cancellation policy and no refund policy for encouragement calls.

Questions About the Encouragement Calls?

Email for availabilities and application questions.

Medical Disclaimer:

Countess of Low Carb is not a doctor and information on this series should not be used in place of medical advice.  Tips given are simply what has worked for me. Find what works for you and leave the rest.  The information given is for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.